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Boost revenue with guest pagers.

Now you can page guest cell phones, too.

Notifying guests with our guest pagers or through their cell phone, with our patented cell phone paging feature, is a perfect way to help you increase profits. Our guest paging systems provide several key benefits for any restaurant with a wait.

  • Locate guests more quickly increasing your table turns
  • Reduce walk-aways
  • Give guests the freedom to visit the bar or go outside. When they visit the bar, you're increasing revenue
  • Minimize wait times - improving the customer experience is key to customer frequency
  • Maintain a quieter atmosphere by eliminating overhead paging

Each paging system consists of 3 main components: a transmitter, pagers and charger(s). LRS is the leading innovator of restaurant paging systems. We are the inventors of the first coaster pager and have since developed new technologies like cell phone paging to increase your profits night in and night out.

When considering how many guest pagers to purchase for your restaurant, use the following equation:

Wait Time (in minutes) divided by 1.5 = # of restaurant pagers to purchase.


60 minutes ÷ 1.5 = 40 pagers

40 minutes ÷ 1.5 = 30 pagers


  • Cell Phone Paging available
  • Widest selection of pagers
  • Plug 'N Play
  • Mpact™ Shock Absorbing Bumper
  • No open holes - Water Resistant
  • Systems tailored to your need
  • Loss Prevention Mode
  • Patented, any-orientation stack charging
  • Nickel Metal Hydride batteries
  • Front view pager numbers
  • Adjustable transmitter power levels
  • Duty Alerts



We've been designing and manufacturing onsite paging solutions for 16 years. Our staff is highly trained to provide you the best-fit paging solution backed by top notch technical support.


You will be amazed at the durability of our equipment not to mention the amount of features packed into each system.


LRS is dedicated to being an innovation leader with 20 patents in the onsite paging field and the widest variety of solutions available, all of which, improve your bottom line.


Coaster CallAdvert Teasers
(Paddle Pagers)
Lobster CallPizza Pager
The first restaurant pager in the shape of a drink coaster. Coaster Call flashes and vibrates to alert guests when their table is ready. They come in 3 colors: red, green, or blue. These unique restaurant pagers house an insert which may be replaced with your own promotion or advertisement. Lobster Call was created for seafood concepts. It's unique shape makes it fun to hold and highly visible. The pizza pager was created for Italian concepts and pizzerias, the pizza pager is a fun and colorful fit.
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